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Oak Park Temple Endowment Fund

The Temple’s Endowment Fund serves three purposes:
It makes an annual distribution to the Temple which helps to cover operating expenses. The larger the endowment fund, the more money can be paid each year.

It serves as a resource for capital improvement projects. In the past, the Fund has loaned the congregation money for improvements to the physical plant, which have been repaid.

It stands as emergency security in the event of a catastrophe.

The Endowment also endorses a program where, for a minimum of $10,000, an individual or family can donate funds to the Endowment for the purpose of funding a specific project or providing for scholarships, etc. While the restricted funds are a part of the overall endowment investment, the earnings are set aside and contributed, annually, for the restricted purposes as designated by the donors.

The Endowment Fund is seeking donations and bequests so that it can enhance and expand upon the purposes for which it was designed.

Please contact the Temple office for information on how to contribute to the Endowment Fund.

Permanently Endowed Funds

The following Temple funds require a minimum commitment of $10,000. Please inquire in the Temple office about ways to support these specific funds, as well as more detailed information about them.

  • Pearl Malk Kol Nidre Stringed Instrument Endowment
  • The William Ira Heine Congregational Engagement Endowment
  • Karen Natal Preschool Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Bruce R. Albelda Religious Education Fund
  • Elizabeth and Andrew Hibel Community Commitment Endowment
  • Hausman Brunch Endowment Fund

Please read more about additional fundraising opportunities.

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