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Shure Memorial Library

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We want everyone in our congregation to know about this really quite special collection – every title is here because in some way, it is a reflection of Jewish life and culture. From serious Talmudic tracts to biographies of Graucho Marx, from Shalom y’all, a history of Jewish life in the South to God Must Like Cookies, Too, a picture book about Friday night services, to a DVD of the movie Divan, about a young woman reclaiming her Eastern European past, we’d like to think there is something here for everyone. The library is open every Sunday morning from 9:00 am until noon.

We have even begun to upgrade our library with an online catalog through It is a work in progress. We still have over 1,000 items to enter into our catalog. However, feel free to setup a account or log in with your Facebook account so that you can begin to search for items online. If you love or hate a book, feel free to write your own review of it to let everyone know what you think. If you have any questions about how works, stop by the library on a Sunday and ask a volunteer to show you how to use it.

The Oak Park Temple Library brings you…

  • lives and works of famous Jews through the centuries
  • 4 new titles from Nextbook Press:

“Inspired by the hunger for books on Jewish subjects written in a lively, intelligent, and popular manner, Nextbook Press’s Jewish Encounters Series brings together writers of the first rank with people and ideas and events from the Jewish past. The series is a collaboration between Nextbook Inc., devoted to the promotion of Jewish literature, culture, and ideas, and Schocken, with its storied backlist of Jewish classics.

Emma Lazarus  by Esther Schor

“A pioneering biography of the iconoclastic nineteenth-century poet and activist whose verse gave a voice to the Statue of Liberty, but whose extraordinary life has remained a mystery until now. Emma Lazarus was a woman so far ahead of her time that we are still scrambling to catch up with her.”

Library call number: Biog. LAZ

Betraying Spinoza:  The Renegade Jew Who Gave us Modernity  By Rebecca Newberger Goldstein

“In Betraying Spinoza, Rebecca Newberger Goldstein sets out to rediscover the flesh-and-blood man often buried beneath the veneer of rigorous rationality and to provide a comprehensive cultural and religious context for the formation of his ideas.”

Library call number: Biog.Spin

Benjamin Disraeli by Adam Kirsch

“A dazzling examination of the life of one of the most powerful and enigmatic figures of the nineteenth century. A dandy, a best-selling novelist, and a man of political and sexual intrigue, Benjamin Disraeli was one of the most captivating figures of the nineteenth century”

Library call number: Biog.DI

By Rodger Kamenetz

“Rodger Kamenetz, acclaimed author of The Jew in the Lotus, has long been engaged in the study and practice of Jewish spirituality. And he has for many years taught a course in Prague on Franz Kafka. The more he learned about the life and work of Rabbi Nachman, the more aware he became of unexpected connections between the lives and works of Kafka, a secular artist fascinated by Jewish mysticism, and Rabbi Nachman, a religious mystic who reached out to secular Jews.”

Library call number: Biog.NACH

Sat, March 23 2019 16 Adar II 5779