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“Do not separate yourself from the community; and do not trust in yourself until the day of your death. Do not judge your fellow until you are in his place. Do not say something that cannot be understood but will be understood in the end. Say not: When I have time I will study because you may never have the time.”

Hillel, Pirkei Avot 2:5

Join a Committee

One great way to stay active in the Oak Park Temple community is to join a committee.

Whether it’s helping us expand our membership, planning a special event, engaging in social action initiatives or just socializing with your Temple friends, committees are a great way to stay engaged with the needs of our community while staying close to your fellow Temple Members.

Our Committees
Adult Education Committee, Arts committee, Bagel Boys, Chevre Hiddur Mitzvah, Communications, Echad al Echad, Endowment Committee, Finance Committee, Fundraising, Glasser Preschool Board, Membership Committee, Nominating Committee, OPTY, Ozerim, P.A.D.S., Religious School Committee, Seniors Committee, Shure Memorial Library, Social Action Committee, Women of Oak Park Temple

No matter your age or place in life is, there is community for you at Oak Park Temple.

Join a Committee, a Chavurah, or The Women of Oak Park Temple; hang out with us on Sunday mornings; participate in a youth program or adult education class; or hear some great music from Mameloshn or Tsimmis.

If you or a family member is in need, or if you wish to volunteer to help others in need, please reach out to the Oak Park Temple Caring Community.

Something for everyone: Oak Park Temple.


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