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TSA Fundraiser

Fellow members of Oak Park Temple:

     Oak Park Temple is launching a drive to raise money to buy gift cards for TSA employees at O'Hare. They have been working without pay since Dec. 21, and they are low-paid to begin with. Many are having trouble buying food and medicine. We can help!
     TSA agents are allowed to accept gift cards (not cash) with a value of up to $20. We will buy as many gift cards to Target and/or Jewel as we can. We have arranged to give the cards to a supervisor at the Department of Homeland Security, who will distribute them.
     If you are able to help, you can donate to this special fund. We are inviting several other congregations to join this effort, too.
     Thank you for easing the plight of our neighbors who are suffering greatly from a situation beyond their control, and for engaging in tikkun olam.

From Leviticus:  "You shall not leave [with you] the payment of a worker overnight until the morning."
From Deuteronomy: "On his day you should give his wages, the sun should not set on it, because he is a poor man and his life depends on it…"

TSA Fundraiser


Mon, July 22 2019 19 Tammuz 5779