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Stream OPT Services & Classes

Virtual Access to the Oak Park Temple Community

Oak Park Temple uses a digital meeting program called Zoom.  This allows people to connect virtually using webcams and computers (or digital devices like phones). 

Online with Zoom
To join any Zoom-OPT gathering, simply visit
You can also go to
To join by phone: 312-626-6799.  
Meeting ID (phone or online): 485-119-1476.

Learn more here about connecting with Zoom.
Click to view a short sample video of what Zoom looks like.


For curious users, more detailed instructions are below.

The first time you use Zoom

When you visit, you will be prompted to download the Zoom program (on a computer) or install the Zoom app (on a tablet or phone).

Computer: Usually, your computer will say something like “do you want to download Zoom_launcher.exe?”  You should click “Yes” or “Run” and follow the onscreen instructions. Here’s an example:

Phone: A phone or tablet will usually direct you to your device’s app store, and you should install the Zoom app on your device.  The Zoom app icon looks like this: 

Connecting with Zoom

When you join a “Zoom Room” (at, you will have the option to use your computer to hear the audio.  If you prefer, you may also use a phone to listen to the audio separately.  Make the selection on the first screen you see:



You may also have the option to turn your sound and video on and off.  Those options are in the lower-left hand corner of the screen:



Patience and Practice

If you’d like to practice using Zoom or if you have questions at any time, please reach out to us.  Rabbi Kirzane has volunteered to field all questions about digital connection; he can be reached at or at (646) 508-6540.

It can take a while to get the hang of using Zoom to connect with others.  During a meeting, service, or event, we may be able to answer questions in the moment.  But if you’re having problems, you may have to wait to get help afterward so that next time you know how to solve them.  

We will all strive to have patience and understanding while adjusting to this new form of connection.


Wed, April 1 2020 7 Nisan 5780