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Religious School at Oak Park Temple

At Oak Park Temple we aim to make each of our students a compassionate and educated member of the Jewish community.

Jewish tradition requires us to ask questions about beliefs, rituals, traditions, ethics and more. We encourage students to ask lots of questions and explore answers to find the many ways that Judaism is relevant in modern life. We also want each of our students to understand that their opinion and understanding is important and relevant to Judaism at large!

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Oak Park Temple’s Religious School Mission Statement

Oak Park Temple B’nai Abraham Zion recognizes the right of our children to a program of religious education which will:

  • Promote the development of a positive Jewish identity through word and deed, mitzvot and tzedakah.
  • Enable our children to become observant and active members of the Jewish community.
  • Provide quality studies of the pillars of Judaism: God, Torah and Israel; of our rituals, observances, services and prayers; and of our holidays.
  • Create a warm, welcoming and inspirational environment where student-teacher-temple relationships will flourish.
  • Nurture each child to assert a proud Jewish identity that will help each to live a life of joy and celebration of self, family and community.

Spiritual Philosophy of the School

Recognizing the family as the primary site for the formation of spiritual values, the goal of the religious school is to support and facilitate this process. The meaning of God is discussed in an open fashion. Each child is given the opportunity to explore a unique and personal relationship with God. Self-expression is encouraged in order to provide an optimum environment for growth. Our spiritual philosophy rests upon the belief that our lives have meaning, that each of us matters and that we are connected to something greater than ourselves.

As a spiritual resource and in an atmosphere of caring, openness and trust, the Temple provides a safe place where values-related concerns are discussed. The idea of mitzvot is central to our curriculum at every grade level, reinforcing values, ethical behavior, and the responsibilities of the individual within our society.

The spiritual dimension of Jewish life permeates our religious school experience. As they explore their own developing spirituality, our children are encouraged to do so with creativity, freedom of thought and open minds.

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