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Annual Meeting 2019

Please join us for our Annual Congregational Meeting
Sunday, January 27th at 10:30 am, breakfast will be served. 

Constitutional Amendments • Annual Meeting • Temple Awards • Celebrating our 25 year members •Nomination and Approval of OPT Board of Directors.

Honored Members:
Bruce Lambert, Michael Awe & Cynthia Gould, Ralph Kazer, Miriam Temkin, Tom & Karen Cofsky and Naomi Levy

Breakfast is hosted by an anonymous donor in honor of the clergy and staff of OPT.

Dear Members,

The Oak Park Temple Board of Directors has proposed several amendments to our Constitution and will present them for a congregational vote at the annual meeting on January 28, 2019.  A copy of the current Constitution with the proposed changes is posted on the website [add link]. Here are the recommended changes:

  • Reduce the number of Board members from 24 to 15.  The Board believes it will function more effectively with fewer members and with slightly different positions. Currently most committees make their own appointments. Under this proposal, nine At-Large Board members, elected by the congregation, would represent the interest of the different committees and organizations.  Six Officers would comprise the remaining Board members.
  • Retain representation of key Temple functions. The Religious School and Glasser Pre-School would be represented by At Large Board members, who would coordinate closely with the Religious School Educator and Pre-School Director. The clergy, Temple Administrator, Religious School Educator, and Pre-School Director would remain ex officio Board members.
  • Reconfigure Officer positions.  The Board currently has seven Officers: President, Executive Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and three Vice-Presidents. Under this proposal, the responsibilities of the Finance and Building VPs would shift to the Treasurer, who would report to the Board on the work of the finance and building committees. The VP without portfolio, who has no specific area of responsibility, would be replaced by a Vice President of Membership-Development and a Vice President of Membership-Engagement. These vice presidents would report to the Board on the activities of their respective committees, and coordinate with the finance committee and Treasurer.
  • Integrate Board Changes.  If these changes are approved, the Board would transition during the FY 2019-20 fiscal year. The At Large Members would work closely with the individual committees and organizations they represent. The Board would also stagger Board terms to avoid the current situation, where almost the entire 24-person Board turns over in the same year.

One important aspect of the Constitution that will not change is that the Board is required to operate in a transparent manner.  All congregants are welcome at any Board meeting to address the Board and to hear its deliberations.

Shari Schindler
President, Oak Park Temple

Nominations for OPT Board of Directors, 2019

To the Members of the Oak Park Temple Community:

   At the Annual Congregational Meeting on the morning of January 27, 2019, we as a community will be asked to endorse and to confirm the following slate of nominees for the Board of Directors:


President: Liz Simon

Interim Executive Vice President: Aaron Leibovitz

Secretary: Karen Muriello

Treasurer: Debbie Hayes

Immediate Past President: Shari Schindler

VP Membership-Development: Ali Mandell

VP Membership-Engagement: Jeff Schneider


At-Large Members of the Board:

Jeff Bergman

Elyse Forkosh-Cutler

Janet Kelenson

James Korshak

Michael Shapiro

Carolyn Sherman

Maurie Stern

Elliot Regenstein

Josh Tepfer


   As Immediate Past President and Chair of the Nominating Committee, I have been privileged to work with the following committee members, each appointed by our President: Sue Blaine, Allison Cowett, Marc Imowitz, Brad Wainer, Scott Zimmerman, and Dan Zoloto. I know you will join me in thanking them for their diligent work in this important process.

   Similarly, we thank all of our Board nominees for their dedication to the future of Oak Park Temple and for their willingness to serve our congregation.

   I look forward to seeing everyone on January 27, 2019, if not before.



Deborah H. Holdstein, PhD

Chair, Nominating Committee

Immediate Past President, Oak Park Temple

Fri, January 18 2019 12 Sh'vat 5779