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Join us, High Holy Days 5783

Annual Meeting 2022

Join us in person or on Zoom
 ID: 813 5626 1474
Passcode: 012977

In honor of 50 years of membership of Oak Park Temple

David and Sandra Sokol

In honor of 25 years of membership of Oak Park Temple

Mark Kruger & Karen Richman
Martha Ackerman
Brian & Tamara Sher
James Hearst III
Warren Green & Julie Yugend-Green
Chuck Berman & Barbara Brotman


Our Annual Awards go to:
Rabbi Samuel Schwartz Keter Shem Tov
(Crown of a Good Name) Award - Ted Temkin

A person who presents an example of goodness and kindness in all of her or his actions. This person brings help and comfort to family, friends, the Temple Community, and the stranger in our midst.

Emerging Leader Award - Adam Lyon
A member who has recently begun making significant contributions to the temple and the Jewish community.

Rabbi Leonard Mervis Award for Social Justice - Judith Alexander
A person who sets an outstanding example of the importance Judaism places on fairness and truth when dealing with others. Their example reminds us to get involved and, most importantly, make a difference.

Oak Park Temple Lifetime Achievement Award - Gary Wainer
A person who has demonstrated a dedication to the enrichment of Temple programs and a commitment to the growth of congregational life. The person has time and again proven devotion to the Temple family and we have benefited by his or her actions and example.


I am pleased to announce that the OPT Nominating Committee has a slate of seven nominees to replace those members of the OPT Board of Directors whose terms will end at the close of the 2022 Annual Congregational Meeting.  All nominees have been chosen in accordance with Constitutional requirements and all have committed to  a two-year term of service.  The nominees are:

Treasurer:  Gregory Kane
At Large Members:
   Judy Alfonsi
   Adam Coppelman
   Tamara Koransky
   Kimberly Kramer
   Lea Rosenthal
   Scott Rottenberg

Please join me in thanking the Nominating Committee Members for their hard work:  
   Susan Blumberg-Kason
   Dan George
   Christen Hammersley
   Dave Karrow
   Lee Kantz
   Jeff Schneider

Respectfully Submitted,
Liz Simon
Nominating Committee Chair

Please join us

Annual Congregational Meeting
January 30 at 10:30 am.

Sat, October 1 2022 6 Tishrei 5783